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You Might Wanna Break Up With Lean Cuisine

Remember when Lean Cuisine was all the RAGE in the early-mid 2000’s?

Frozen meals can save you in a pinch, but they are less than ideal daily nutrition solutions for two big reasons:

1. Satiation. Frozen meals that are high in quickly digested carbohydrates but low in protein, veggies and fiber won’t keep you full for long. Which means you’re more likely to feel hungry sooner and/or overeat later. By some kind of witch craft, many frozen meals like Lean Cuisine manage to contain 300-450 calories while also being very small and not satiating.

2. Sodium Content. So much sodium in a small package! Several Lean Cuisine meals contain upwards of 600mg of sodium. If you already struggle to balance sodium content in your diet, you should reevaluate regularly consuming frozen meals.

When I work with individuals who rely heavily on frozen meals, we aim for a few solutions:

Meal Prep Time Management – Meal prep CAN be a long arduous process, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. For those who are pressed for time, bulk prepping foods instead of making separate individual meals, and utilizing “set and forget” kitchen appliances like slow cookers can cut a Sunday of meal prep down to a 30-minute task.

Quick Cook Options – A rotisserie chicken+ frozen steamable veggies + a bag of 90 second rice/pasta will give you the same no-fuss, instant frozen meal effect with less additives, more fiber and more protein, so it will keep you fuller longer. PLUS it’s easier on the wallet, because you can save the leftovers to use for other meals!

Choosing Better Frozen Meals – Tapering back our intake of frozen meals + simply choosing frozen meals with a shorter ingredient list can do wonders. See the photos below for a few suggestions!

If you want to eat better, feel better, or just kick frozen meals to the curb, I got you. Head over to the contact page and shoot me a message!


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