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14 Minimal + ZERO Equipment WODs That Are Perfect for Holiday Travel

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Did you know A FROZEN TURKEY could be substituted for a kettlebell in just about any workout?? It wouldn’t be a great substitute, but technically it could work. Ok let's get real, if you’re traveling for the holidays, you may not have access to fitness facilities. No worries! You can still get your FITNESS on with an at-home workout. Below are 14 Travel-Friendly WODS with both zero and minimal (1 dumbbell + Jump Rope) equipment options. If you think you can’t get a SOLID sweat from minimal equipment or bodyweight workouts, you clearly have never done 100 Burpees For Time ;)

10-Minute Workouts

"Good Grief"

Every 2:00 x 5 sets

12 Burpees (As Fas As Possible. SPRINT!)

Scale: 8 Burpees

"Shoulder Stay or Shoulder Go"


30 Double Unders*

15 V-Ups

30 Plank Shoulder Taps

*Scale: 60 Singles

Bodyweight Version

30 Lateral Line Hops

15 V-Ups

30 Plank Shoulder Taps

"Simply Complex"

EMOM x 10

5 No-Push Up Burpees

6 Air Squats

7 Sit-Ups

Workout flow: Complete all 3 movements in one minute. Repeat for 10 minutes.

Scale: 4 No Push-Up Burpees, 5 Air Squats, 5 Sit-Ups

"Turkey Tabata"

Tabata (20s on/10s off) - 20 Rounds

Sumo Dumbbell Deadlift

Pistols Squats*

Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk

Pistols Squats*

Workout flow: Complete 20s of each movement in sequence, resting 10s between each movement. i.e. 20s of Sumo Dumbell Deadlifts-10s Rest-20s of Pistol Squats-10s rest etc.

*Scale: Single Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges

Bodyweight Version

Odd Objet Deadlift (water jug, backpack, etc.)

Pistol Squats*


Pistol Squats*

*Scale: Reverse Lunges

10:00-20:00 Minutes


4 Rounds of AMRAP 4

30 Lunges

60 Double Unders*

Max Hand Release Push-Ups in the time remaining

Rest 1:00 between rounds

*Scale: 120 Singles or 30 Lateral Line Hops

"Devils in the Details"

For Time

50 Single Dumbbell Devils Press

Every 2:00, including the 0:00 - 15 Sit-Ups

Bodyweight Version

For Time

80 Burpee Jump Squats*

Every 2:00, including the 0:00 - 15 Sit-Ups

*To perform the Burpee Jump Squat, complete a standard burpee, but perform a squat jump immediately after standing instead of jumping and clapping your hand overhead.


1 Mile Run



Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Dumbbell Snatches

Bodyweight Version

1 Mile Run



Jump Squats


"Fight Gone Rad"

3 Rounds

1 minute Max Single Dumbbell Thrusters

1 Minute Max Hang Dumbbell Snatches

1 Minute Max Vertical Jumps

1 Minute Max Single Dumbbell Push Press

1 Minute Max Shuttle Runs

1 Minute Rest

Bodyweight Version

1 minute Max Air Squats

1 Minute Max Reverse Lunges

1 Minute Max Vertical Jumps

1 Minute Max Push-Ups

1 Minute Max Shuttle Runs

1 Minute Rest

"Push It Real Good"

100 Push-Ups*

Every time you break, perform 15 Mountain Climbers

*Scale: 100 Knee Push-Ups

20:00+ Minutes

“The Jogfather”

800m Run

75 Air Squats*

800m Run

75 Sit-Ups*

800m Run

75 Reverse Lunges*

*Scale - 50 Air Squats, 50 Sit-Ups, 50 Reverse Lunges

"Thunder Thighs"


Air Squats


Jump Squats

Jumping Lunges

*Scale: Rep Scheme 20-16-12-8

"Tumilson" (Hero WOD)

8 rounds

200m Run

11 Burpee Deadlifts*

*Scale/Bodyweight: 11 Burpee Jump Squats

"Sweet Emom-tion"

EMOM x 30

1 - 8 Burpees

2 - 16 Air Squats

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