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10k By Turkey Day powered by Puma

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

What is it?

Stuck in a post pandemic rut? Looking for a good challenge?? Wanna kick the holiday season off on a good foot??? Interested in a shot at some cool prizes????

Then 10k By Turkey Day powered by Puma is for you!!

The ultimate goal of the 10k By Turkey Day virtual fitness challenge is complete a 10,000m Row the week of Thanksgiving. Yep! 10,000m in one sitting! If you’re thinking, “I’ve never rowed more than 2,000m!” do not panic. The challenge progressively builds toward the 10k goal. I hosted this challenge in 2018 and 99% of the participants had NEVER rowed farther than 2,000m. So I know you can do it!

PLUS it's totally FREE!


Each week you will complete a set distance.

Week 1: 2,000m Row – October 26th-November 1st

Week 2: 3,000m Row – November 2nd-November 8th

Week 3: 5,000m Row – November 9th-November 15th

Week 4: 7,000m Row – November 16th-November 22nd

Week 5: 10,000m Row – November 23rd-November 29th


Because you are ALIVE and you CAN so why not!? It's no secret, 2020 has been a hot mess. The pandemic forced global gym closures, and for my fellow CrossFitters, it shut down the Open. 10k By Turkey Day is a great way to re-establish consistency and get your fitness routine back on track! Kick off the holiday season by challenging yourself, smashing some goals, and destroying some extra cardio in the process!

Are there prizes?

YES! I've partnered with the awesome folks over at Puma and they will be generously awarding prizes to ALL participants who finish the challenge. Additionally, super sweet BONUS prizes (see below) will be up for grabs!

How the prizes work:

Completion Prize

EVERYONE who completes all 5 distances (according to rules) will receive a Puma towel and Odyssey Fitness Performance and Nutrition sticker! No matter how fast or slow you go, you get a prize!

Randomly selected

Everyone who completes all 5 distances will also be entered into a random drawing to win one of the bonus prizes listed below:

Mega Gobble Prize

(1 female + 1 male winner)

1 pair of Puma shoes

Ultra Gobble Prize

(1 female + 1 male winner)

Puma bag

Super Gobble Prize

(1 female + 1 male winner)

Puma sweatshirt

Fastest 10,000m finishers

The top 3 fastest 10k finishers (female and male) will be awarded bonus prizes as listed below:

1st place female and 1st place male

Full Puma Outfit

(top + leggings/shorts + a pair of shoes)

2nd place female and 2nd place male

1 pair of Puma Shoes

3rd place female and 3rd place male

Puma bag and hat

In order to be eligible to win a prize in ANY category, you must complete all 5 rows according to the rules and within the submission dates.

You can gain a bonus entry into the randomly selected drawing by tagging a friend in your rowing submission post on Instagram each week. Maximum 1 bonus entry each week.


In order to be eligible for any prize, participants must submit all 5 scores as follows:

1. Must be following @whatisupannie, tag @whatisupannie and use the hashtag #10kByTurkeyDay2020 in your Instagram submission posts.

2. Post a picture of your rowing screen’s memory displaying the completion time, distance, and date, to your Instagram profile within that weeks submission deadline (11:59PM PDT, Sunday night). INSTAGRAM STORIES DO NOT COUNT! Please see the walkthrough video here (or at the bottom of this post) for a step-by-step explanation on how to properly setup your rower, access the memory, and take your picture. Make sure the date on your machine is correct before you start your row!

3. Email the same picture to within that week’s submission deadline. Be sure to include your full name in the email.

4. Participants must complete the entire distance in ONE continuous session. You cannot row 500m on one day and then 500m the next day, or row 2,000m then rest 30 minutes and then complete another 1,000m. You ARE allowed to rest as needed during the row/get off the rower, but the monitor CANNOT shut off during the session.

5. For continuity and verification purposes, you must complete rows within submission dates, you cannot “make up,” “double up,” or complete multiple rows in one week.

6. For continuity and verification purposes, all rows must be completed on a Concept 2 rower (no slides).


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