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Nutrition Guide

All the info you need to get started on your health journey, packed into one comprehensive, easy to read guide.

Topics covered in the guide include:

A Book
  • Macro Tracking 101

  • Meal Structure Mastery

  • Meal Prep Crash Course

  • The Low Down on Cheat Meals​

  • Dominating Dining Out

  • Clean Eats Shopping List + Product Recommendations

  • Much more!!


*10% off for those with an active CrossFit gym membership.

Nutrition Coaching

There’s strength in numbers! With nutrition coaching, you’ll receive all the guidance and accountability you need for success.

Image by Margarita Zueva
  • Continual food diary review and analysis.

  • Macro adjustments to match your goals and plateaus.

  • Weekly virtual guidance session lasting up to 20 minutes.

  • Accountability via text/message.

  • In-person “kick off” consultation (local clients).

$139.99* per month

*$39.99 off for those with an active CrossFit gym membership.

Individualized Training

Personalized training for a wide range of needs including weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance and skill acquisition.

  • A simple, functional, back to basics approach to training.

  • Customized to meet your needs and goals.

  • Online and in-person programming available.

Pricing varies.

Contact for more info.


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